Monday, October 28, 2013

MMA Gyms in Westchester

Check out our newest video showcasing why we are the premier MMA Gym in Westchester County and the Bronx!

Read further to see how we stack up against other gyms claiming to have Mixed Martial Arts Programs!


Our Gym

The Best Training as well as Coaching from some of the most knowledgeable pro fighter trainers. Thirty Days of Classes Free with a Sixty Day Money Back Guarantee and a Free one on one intro lesson.

BJJ Black Belt Coach, Pro Champion MMA Fighters as Instructors, 7 Time Champion Professional Muay Thai Kru, Undefeated Professional Boxer Joey Valle as our boxing coach.

Full Weight Training Area and Crossfit Program. Ladies’ only training program, with weight training and workout classes. Over 50 Heavy Bags as part of our Cardio Kick Boxing Classes taught by actual fighters. Organized program curriculum with distinct levels of classes all our programs offered. Cleanest Facilities, our Mats are Mopped inbetween all our Sessions.
MMA Gyms in Westchester

When you start out at WFC, you are going to be undergoing a custom beginner program. In this program, you are going to be taught from an organized and specific training curriculum designed to teach you on the foundations and get you ready to rise to the higher level classes. The beginner classes are also designed in order to get those that are out of shape into fighting shape!

THERE ARE NO OTHER ‘MMA GYMS’ IN WESTCHESTER WHERE CLASSES ARE TAUGHT BY PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS- All of our head coaches are Professional Fighters with proven fight experience, just do a google search of their names. Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Steven Williams is a first degree black belt with Renzo Gracie and has been practicing BJJ for over ten years. He is the youngest and quickest ever to receive a black belt from Renzo. Our Head Thai Boxing Instructor Kru Primo Bellarose is 13-1 as a pro Thai Fighter. He holds 7 Championship Belts and has taught and cornered athletes in the top level of the sport. Including Bellator, Strikeforce, the World Series of Fighting and the UFC. Mike Stewart our Head Mixed Martial Arts Coach is ranked #1 in the Northeast at light heavyweight. An ultimate fighter veteran and Mixed Martial Arts champion with Reality fighting, he brings legitimacy to the MMA Program here at Westchester Fight Club.

TEAM=FAMILY HERE AT WFC: At most gyms, once class is over, that’s it. At WFC MMA, we are a team. Every month we have team outings, UFC parties, and more. We treat every person like family and take your workouts just as seriously as you do. Ever known an owner to give free kids lessons on Saturday? We do, it happens weekly here because we are dedicated to the success of our students. As we like to say …”Our only goal is to help you reach yours.”

STUDENT SAFETY IS A TOP PRIORITY – It doesn’t make sense to put a person who has never fought a day in their life, in the same program with somebody who has been training 3 or 4 years. At WFC, we know no one comes to class to get hurt and will always have separate training sessions and curriculum for our new and advanced students.

NO GUARANTEE – If you are not confident in your school, how can you guarantee results? Take a look around and see how many gyms that offer an our 60 day money back guarantee to their new students. We swear by what we do and want to make the ultimate statement to back it up.

Pick up the phone and call (914)-355-2618 Today and Schedule Your Gym Tour, Consultation, and Free Private Intro-Lesson !!!


MMA Gyms in Westchester


  • Our school is immaculately clean! We sanitize and mop the mats after every class, sweep daily, and have air fresheners throughout the facility.

  • Thirty Days Free! The Only MMA or martial arts facility in Westchester NY to provide a month free trial to new students.

  • Black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaching. The Only BJJ Black belt coach in Westchester .

  • Free training lesson! No other schools will offer you this, take a look around and see.

  • Training 6 days a week to accommodate your hectic schedule!

  • MMA and Thai Boxing head trainers are very accomplished professional fighters!

  • Word of mouth program! Only facility to offer rewards for bringing buddies with you to train.

  • Tradition. Westchester MMA was opened in 2009. We are not a fly-by-night MMA school or karate school that claims to teach Mixed Martial Arts.

  • Advanced programs for advanced students.



MMA Gyms in Westchester