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MMA Gyms in Yonkers

30 Days Free of the Best MMA Gym in Yonkers!

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Westchester Fight Club

The Best Training program as well as Coaching from ultimate experienced pro fighters that teach here. 30 Days Free with a Sixty Day Satisfaction Guarantee,

  • Complimentary one on one intro lesson

  • FREE on the house t-shirt and uniform.

  • Gracie Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

  • Pro Title holding Cage Fighters as Trainers

  • 13-1 Profession Thai Boxer and Muay Thai Kru as striking Coach

  • Boxing Coach is Undefeated (5-0) Professional Boxer as a Coach.

  • Full Weight Facility and Crossfit Training.

  • Ladies’ only Fitness program, with weight training and Fitness boot camp classes.

  • Over FIFTY Boxing Bags as part of our Kickboxing Classes that are coached by actual fighters not.

  • Well prepared training curriculum with multiple levels of classes and a progression system for all our classes offered. Spotless Facilities, Mats Mopped inbetween all our Classes.

Mixed Martial Arts Gyms in Yonkers


  • Train under No Name Amateur coaches with minimal qualifications or competition experience.

  • One Free Session, or maybe A single Week Unpaid

  • No Free Uniform, No Free T-Shirt, No complimentary 1 on 1 lesson, and no assurance.

  • Blue or purple belt coach, students teaching the Mixed Martial Arts classes

  • WORSE THEN THAT some students there less then 12 months are already teaching beginner classes.

  • They’ll you do lame workouts because they have no weight equipment.

  • Force female students into co-ed classes, kickboxing classes are coached by someone with no competition experience, no punching bags, more like a tae bo class.

  • No progression system, no set program curriculum, and no different skill levels of programs.

  • Their Mats are Grimy, Students frequently infected with staff and ringworm.


NO STRUCTURE- When you join up at WFC- Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fitness Center, you are going to be experiencing a focused intro program. In these classes, you are going to be taught from an organized and specific training curriculum created to drill you on the fundamentals and get you ready to push ahead to the higher level classes. The beginner program is also developed in order to get those who aren’t in shape into incredible shape!

NO CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS- All of our head trainers are Professional Fighters with tested ring experience, just do a google search of their names. Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer Steven Williams is a BJJ Black belt with Renzo Gracie and has been practicing MMA for around ten years. He is the youngest and fastest ever to receive a black belt from Renzo. Our Head Muay Thai Coach Kru Primo Bellarose is 13-1 as a pro Thai Fighter. He holds 7 Championship Belts and has taught and cornered fighters in the top level of the sport. Including Bellator, Strikeforce, the World Series of Fighting and the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC). Mike Stewart our Head MMA Coach is ranked number one in the Northeast at 205 lbs. An ultimate fighter veteran and MMA champion with Reality fighting, he brings legitimacy to the Mixed Martial Arts Program here at Westchester Fight Club.

NO INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION – At most training facilities, once class is over, that’s it. At WFC- Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fitness Center, we are a team. Every month we have team outings, UFC parties, and more. We treat every person like family and take your workouts equally as seriously as you do. Ever known an owner to give free kids lessons on Saturday? We do, it happens weekly here because we are committed to the success of our students. As we like to say …”Our only goal is to help you reach yours.”

NO STUDENT SAFETY – Many Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ gyms will throw you to the wolves before you even know how to throw a punch or defend yourself. What kind of first experience is that? It doesn’t make sense to put someone who has never trained a day in their life, in the same class with somebody who has been doing it 3 or 4 years. This is how people get hurt and at the end of the day nobody benefits. At Westchester MMA, we know nobody comes to train to get hurt and will always have separate levels and curriculum for our advanced and new students.

NO GUARANTEE – If you are not confident in your gym, how can you guarantee results? Take a look around and see how many schools that offer an IRON CLAD 60 day money back guarantee to their students. We swear by what we do and want to make the ultimate statement to back it up.

Pick up the phone and call (914)-355-2618 Now and Schedule Your FREE Tour, Consultation, and Free Private Intro-Lesson !!!

Our school is immaculately clean! We disinfect and clean the mats after every class, sweep daily, and have air fresheners throughout the school.

30 Days Free! The Only Mixed Martial Arts or martial arts facility in Yonkers, Westchester NY to give away a month free trial to new students.

Black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaching. The Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt coach in Yonkers, Tuckahoe, and New Rochelle.

Free 1 on 1 lesson! No other gyms will offer you this, take a look around and see.

Training 6 days a week to fit your busy schedule!

Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai head instructors are highly accomplished professional fighters!

Word of mouth incentives! Only Mixed Martial Arts Gym to offer cash for bringing buddies with you to train.

Student Manual and Home Study Guide! Know what to expect from day one and train Mixed Martial Arts like a true champion. NO ONE offers this!

Tradition. Westchester Mixed Martial Arts was opened in 2009. We are not a fly-by-night Mixed Martial Arts gym or karate school that claims to teach MMA.

Advanced programs for advanced members.

In school competitions. Get ready for tournaments and cheer on your training partners.

Great environment and culture. There’s no punks or tough guys here, just nice folks who work hard and have a good time.

Top quality curriculum. No session is ever the same and we guide you down the road to success!

Classes for adults, kids, women, and teens. Our programs are tailored to meet your goals.

Scholarship opportunity for youths and adults. Ask around, we’re the only school to offer this in Yonkers.

Classes for kids 2 & older. Inquire about our upcoming Parent & Me program!

Safety! No one comes here to get hurt. We take your wellness very seriously and have stringent procedures in place to ensure your training enjoyable and worry free.

We are the best! Simply put, we provide our members much more than they would ever expect and the value coaches is unsurpassed by any other Mixed Martial Arts school around.

We have workouts for Men, Women, and Children. No training experience is required and 99 % of our new members have had no previous knowledge in Mixed Martial Arts.

Our students vary in age from two to 68. It’s never too early or too late to get in amazing shape! Get started on your goals as soon as possible whatever your age.

If you’ve never had a training training in your life, you’ll fit right in. When they enrolled in Westchester Fight Club, the vast majority of our students were NOT in great shape. Our professional trainers have years of MMA experience and will guide you down your path to success!

  • Develop Self Esteem.

  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety.

  • Get a Chiseled MMA Physique.

  • Learn and Increase Self Discipline.

  • Its a Healthy & Fun Workout for the Whole Family.

  • Discover Self Defense Techniques.

We also have a Competition Team for Advanced Students wanting to fight amateur and Professionally. Like in the UFC

MMA Gyms in Yonkers

Kids Classes Turn Your Boy or girl into a Leader Full of Self Esteem.

Make Your Boy or girl Bully Proof.

Preventative Health Care for obess adults.

Sixty Day Risk-Free Money Back GUARANTEE.

“If after sixty days at Westchester MMA, you can tell us that you have not seen any improvement– we will give you your money back!”.

Michael Chirico– Owner.

MMA Gyms in Yonkers