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Kickboxing Classes in Bedford NY | Boxing Gym Bedford NY

Score 30 Days Free of Kickboxing Classes in Bedford

Hate going to the gym to get on a treadmill? Is it hard to motivate yourself at the gym or do you not know what to do? Then cardio-kickboxing classes at WFC are for you. It is a fast paced aerobic workout session that blends elements of boxing, MMA, and work out bootcamp into a 60-minute class. We have a limited time FREE 30 Day Trial in our kickboxing program. You’ll even get a free 1 on 1 private intro class to get you ready for classes.

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The advantages of changing your routine is well worth the new aches and pains. Kickboxing will transform your workout and lead to body toning and an increasing in aerobic stamina. Those two things are what everyone would like from their workout. Our classes are all non contact so you can train exactly like a fighter without ever having to worry that people in your office will think you’re beaten at home. So rather than sparring with other students, the only thing you’ll be hitting is our equipment or striking pads. Lets break down our 1 hour cardio kickboxing session at Westchester Cardio Kickboxing.

Warm up and Stretching

We blast some music on the stereo and then start our warmup. We have to get the state of mind and energy level up to start. Whatever the teacher decides on that day the same as the music, we’ll warm up with some stretching, jogging, or jump rope. We need to get the muscles warm and loose to get the most from the rest of the workout.

Time to De-stress

Now its time to punch stuff! We glove up and get ready to go. Our bag rack holds thirty boxing bags, this isn’t a taebo class, you need to feel your fist strike something when you throw a strike . Kickboxing is a great stress reliever. There’s nothing more fun then winding up and hitting a bag as hard as you can and putting life’s drama on mute for the hour of class. The instructor will show you a combination that you will practice for the whole round and attempt to get it right before you get too tired. Then between the round you’ll catch a quick breather, just long enough to teach the next round’s combo. After a class or 2 you’ll begin to look like you know how to kick some @ ss. The more classes you take the better you will become, a lot of new students think some of our women in cardio kickboxing classes are fighters, thats how awesome their kickboxing has become.

Partner Up

Now we do buddy drills. Its not to make you square up with your parnter, now will hold for each other. Now you get to pretend to be a trainer holding mitts for their fighter then switch off and become the fighter hitting the mitts. You might feel a little a little bit like a newb but don’t stress, it takes a handful of try’s to get your technique down, both for striking thai pads and for being a good gym buddy and holding them. After your very first or next session it will be a breeze .

Ab Round

The full body mechanics of throwing a punch or kick already gives you a sick ab and core workout. In our workouts we still take the time to isolate our core and do some abdominal work. To get our girls ready for summertime we’ll do all different abdominal training to help you get back in that swimsuit.

Finishing Strong

We conclude our classes with some yoga and high fives for finishing strong. In an hour of cardio Kickboxing you burned more calories than you could jogging on a treadmill , riding a bike, or lifting weights.

You just did an intense full body workout that will have your body changing faster than any conventional workout. If you live in Bedford you should definitely take us up on our 30 Day Free Trial of Kickboxing Classes.

Kickboxing Classes in Bedford NY Boxing Gym Bedford NY

Kickboxing Classes in Bedford NY | Boxing Gym Bedford NY

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