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Kickboxing Classes in Briarcliff Manor NY | Boxing Gym Briarcliff Manor NY

Take 30 Days Free of Kickboxing Classes in Briarcliff Manor

Are you bored with your latest workout and looking for a high-intensity workout that will increase your strength, flexibility, and tone your body? Then cardio-kickboxing classes at WFC are for you. It is a fast paced cardio workout session that blends elements of boxing, MMA, and exercise bootcamp into a 60-minute class. Check us out for FREE with our 30 Day Trial. You’ll even get a cost-free 1 on 1 private intro session to get you all set for classes.

Score 30 Days Free of Kickboxing Classes in Briarcliff Manor

The benefits of changing your routine is well worth the new aches and pains. Kickboxing will transform your workout and lead to body toning and an increasing in aerobic endurance. What more could you want from your training? You’ll workout like a fighter without having the concern of getting hit because our Women’s Only Cardio Kickboxing Classes are non contact. The only thing you’ll be punching is a punching bag or focus mitts. Lets break down our 1 hour class at WFC.

Get Ready to Work

Our class begins with high energy music, whatever we feel like that day, Rock, EDM, or some 90′s pop. Get a high energy buzz in the bag rack before we get going. What ever the coach picks that day the same as the tunes, we’ll warm up with some stretching, jogging, or jump rope. We perspire and elevate your heart rate in order to get the most out of your body and help reduce the chances of injury.

Bag Work

Right now its time to put on our gloves and start hitting stuff. At Westchester MMA we have a bag area with 30 boxing bags, so every person in class can have their own. Punching is a great stress reliever. There’s nothing more soothing then winding up and smashing a heavy bag as hard as you can and putting life’s problems on mute for the sixty mins of class. We aren’t just hitting the bag aimlessly, the teacher will take you through several combos using punches, knees, and kicks. You’ll probably seem a little uncoordinated and off balance in your first session, no matter what your fitness level. Considering that the demanding techniques will be different for your body, not just your brain. Though the routines usually are comprised of pretty basic combinations, when all is said and done, it is a routine that improves with practice. Plan to give your body 3 or 4 sessions before you feel like you know the techniques. All sessions blend the same standard techniques in a different order or part of the combo.

Partner Up

Following a few rounds on the boxing bags we then pair up students and give you focus mitts or a kick shield. Now we perform partner exercises with one partner holding mitts while the other is pounding away on them and bobbing and weaving in between. We split it up into new students and more advanced students so the newer students have easier more basic combinations while the more experienced kick boxers get longer more intricate combinations. Don’t for a second think that holding pads is a break, in your first class you will see very quick that holding pads is almost as tough as hitting them.

Gut buster time

Your abdominals will already be feeling all the kicks and punches you’ve thrown. In our classes we still make time to isolate our core and do some ab exercises. To get our kickboxers ready for summer we’ll do all different exercises to help you get back in that swimsuit.

At the end we will have each member go get a set of weights and do shoulder, arms, and lower body exercises. Now its time to finish strong and push it class is almost finished. Our ladies also workout with some weights in class. Punching will help tone your arms but then after a few rounds on the boxing bag grabbing a pair of dumbbells and weight training with the group will help you achieve the defined and toned arms you’re looking for.

Cool off

We finish our sessions with some stretching and high fives for for finishing your first class. In an hour of Boxing you burned more calories than you could jogging on a fitness treadmill, riding a bike, or lifting weights.

You just did an intense full body workout that will have your body build muscle faster than any conventional workout. If you live in Briarcliff Manor you should definitely take us up on our 30 Day Free Trial of Kickboxing Classes.

Kickboxing Classes in Briarcliff Manor NY Boxing Gym Briarcliff Manor NY

Kickboxing Classes in Briarcliff Manor NY | Boxing Gym Briarcliff Manor NY

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