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Kickboxing Classes in Tuckahoe NY | Boxing Gym Tuckahoe NY

Free Kickboxing Classes in Tuckahoe

Variety is the spice of life and changing up your workout is the best way to stay persistent and keep getting results.

Our cardio kickboxing program is one of our most popular classes at Westchester Fight Club. Repeating the same treadmill workout day after day can get mundane, so if you need to see better results and feel a new inspired energy check out our Free 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing and Boxing classes. You’ll get a free one on one coaching session just for coming in! Adding kickboxing to your workout routine gives it a new, dynamic twist.

Free Kickboxing Classes in Tuckahoe

The advantages of switching your routine is definitely worth the new aches and pains. Kickboxing will switch up your workout and lead to body toning and an increasing in aerobic stamina. What more do you want from your workouts? Our classes are all non contact so you can practice just like a fighter without ever having to worry that co workers in your office will think you’re beaten at home. So rather than sparring with other students, the only thing you’ll be beating up is our bags or striking pads. I’ll walk you through a typical kickboxing class at Westchester Cardio Kickboxing.

Get Ready to Work

We start off class with 5 minutes of stretching and jump rope. 3 Three min rounds of jump rope and in-between rounds we do some exercises. By opening with fifteen minutes of stretching and warming up calisthenics you will get more out of your muscles for the next 45 mins of class.

Time to Hit Stuff

Now its time to hit stuff! We glove up and get ready to work. At WFC we have a bag area with 30 punching bags, so every person in class can have their own. Hammering the crap out of a punching bag and imagining its your boss or ex boyfriend is the best stress reliever. We aren’t just hitting the boxing bag aimlessly, the instructor will take you through several combinations of punches, knees, and kicks. The more classes you take the better you will become, a lot of new students think a few of our women in cardio kickboxing classes are competitors, thats how awesome their kickboxing has become.

At this point we have the class partner up. Its not to make you square up with one another, now you’ll for each other. Now you get to pretend to be a trainer holding pads for their fighter then change off and become the fighter bashing the mitts. Don’t get discouraged either, just like it takes a few classes to feel balanced and smooth striking the pads and boxing bags, the same thing can be said for getting to know how to hold pads. At your second or 3rd workout it will be a breeze for you.

Crunch Time

Time for Abs, even though without knowing it you have been exercising your core the whole class, corkscrewing your body on punches and kicks. At this time the class does some core work. planking, bicycles, and russian twists, all fun stuff. All power stems from your core so these exercises will help you out in future classes.

Finishing Strong

Good job, you made it through your first class. Props for pushing it and making it through. 60 minutes of kickboxing burns more calories then lifting weights, running on a treadmill , or riding a bike. If you’re from Tuckahoe you need to take us up on our FREE 30 Day Trial of kickboxing classes in Tuckahoe and come get your FREE private intro lesson to get started.

Kickboxing Classes in Tuckahoe NY Boxing Gym Tuckahoe NY

Kickboxing Classes in Tuckahoe NY | Boxing Gym Tuckahoe NY

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