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Kickboxing Classes in New Castle NY | Boxing Gym New Castle NY

Check out our New Castle Kickboxing Program Free for 30 Days

When you’re bored with your workout its time to switch it up!
Our cardio kickboxing program is one of our most sought-after classes at Westchester Fight Club. Doing the exact same treadmill work out day after day can get boring, so if you need to see better results and feel a new invigorating energy check out our Free 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing and Boxing classes. We even give you a free personal intro session so you’ll understand all the fundamentals before jumping into class. Adding kickboxing to your training routine gives it a new, dynamic twist.

FREE 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing Classes in New Castle

Kickboxing gives you a sense of self-esteem. You’ll be taught how to defend yourself all while dropping weight and getting in incredible shape. The way to properly punch, kick, and knee to optimize power and speed. Just because our coaches are fighters doesn’t mean you’ll have to fight. There is no contact in any of our cardio kickboxing classes so you won’t ever have to worry about having a scar on your beautiful face. Let me give you the walk through of a kickboxing class at Westchester Fight Club.


Our warmup starts off with high energy music, whatever we are in the mood for that day, Rock, EDM, or some 90′s pop. Get a high energy feel in the bag rack before we get going. Then we will do some light stretching and also sprint some laps around the gym or jump rope. We want to get the muscles warm and loose in order to get the most out of the rest of class.

Working on the Punching Bags

Right now we put on our gloves and start punching stuff. At WFC we have a bag area with 30 hanging bags, so every person in class can have their own. Kickboxing is the best stress reliever. There’s nothing better then winding up and punching a bag as hard as you can and putting life’s issues on the back burner for the sixty minutes of class. We aren’t just hitting the heavy bag aimlessly, the teacher will take you through different types of combinations of punches, knees, and kicks. The more classes you take the better you will become, a lot of new clients think a few of our women in cardio kickboxing classes are fighters, thats how awesome their kickboxing has gotten.

Buddy Drills
Now we do partner drills. Its not to make you square up with one another, now you’ll mitts for each other. Now you and your partner will appear to be a trainer and their fighter, and you’ll get to switch and play both roles. Don’t get discouraged either, just like it takes a few sessions to feel balanced and smooth punching the mitts and boxing bags, the same thing can be said for learning to hold pads. By your second or third class it will be a piece of cake for you.

Time for Abs

Time for Abs, even though without knowing it you’ve been training your abs the whole class, corkscrewing your form on punches and kicks. At this time we do some core work. planking, sit ups, and russian twists, all fun stuff. Building the core will help your techniques improve, build your strength and stamina, and it’ll start to show your 6 pack abs.

The Home Stretch
We finish our training with some yoga and high fives for for finishing your first class. In an hour of cardio Kickboxing you burnt more calories than you could running on a treadmill , stationary bike, or lifting weights.

You just finished an intense full body workout that will have your body changing faster than any regular workout. If you live in New Castle you should definitely take us up on our 30 Day Free Trial of Kickboxing Classes.

Kickboxing Classes in New Castle NY Boxing Gym New Castle NY

Kickboxing Classes in New Castle NY | Boxing Gym New Castle NY

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