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Kickboxing Classes in Valhalla NY | Boxing Gym Valhalla NY

Free Kickboxing Classes in Valhalla

Variety is the spice of life and changing up your training is the best way to stay motivated and keep getting results.

One way the young ladies at WFC do that is with our cardio kickboxing classes. Check out our Free 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing and Boxing classes, so you can get off the monotonous treadmill, start having fun, and start seeing results. You’ll get a free one on one training session just for showing up! Adding kickboxing to your exercise routine gives it a new, dynamic twist.

Check out our Valhalla Kickboxing Program Free for 30 Days

Get your self confidence back! You’ll be taught how to defend yourself all while losing weight and getting in incredible shape. Tips on how to effectively punch, kick, and knee to optimize power and speed. You don’t ever spar with another student in our Women’s Only kickboxing classes so you’ll never need to worry about getting hit. I’ll give you a walk through of a kickboxing class here at WFC.

Warm Up Routine

We blast some beats on the stereo system and then begin our stretches. We need to get the mood and energy level up to get going. Then we’ll do some light stretching and either run some laps around the gym or jump rope. We need to get the muscles warm and loose to get the most out of the rest of class.

Gloves on

Now its time to put on our gloves and start hitting stuff. Our bag area holds 30 boxing bags, this isn’t a taebo class, you want to feel your fist strike something when you throw a strike . Hitting stuff is the best stress reliever. There’s nothing more soothing then winding up and smashing a bag as hard as you can and putting life’s issues on the back burner for the hour of class. The coach will show you a combo that you’ll practice for the full round and attempt to perfect before you get out of breathe. Then between the round you’ll catch a quick breather, just long enough to show you the next round’s combination. After a class or 2 you’ll begin to look like you know how to kick some @ ss. The more you train the better you will get, a lot of new students think a couple of our women in cardio kickboxing classes are fighters, thats how good their technique has become.

Buddy Drills

At this point we have the class split up. Don’t worry you are not hitting each other but you will hold pads or focus mitts for the other person. Now you get to pretend to be a trainer holding pads for their fighter then change off and become the fighter striking the mitts. Don’t get discouraged either, just like it takes a few classes to feel balanced and smooth punching the mitts and bags, the same thing can be said for getting to know how to hold pads. After your very first or next work out it’ll be a piece of cake.

Ab Round

Your abs will already be feeling all the kicks and punches you’ve thrown. We still make time to train our ladies’ stomaches and do some ab work. To get our kickboxers ready for bikini season we’ll do all different exercises to help you get back in that bikini.

Now its time to pick up some free weights. Now its time to finish strong and push through class is almost done. The Last thing we do is pick up a set of weights. Punching will help define your arms but after a few rounds on the punching bag picking up a pair of dumbbells and lifting with the group will help you get the sculpted and toned arms you’re searching for.

The Home Stretch

And your first training session is done. Some light stretching and some words of encouragement from your trainers for making it through your first of many sessions here at Westchester Fight Club. an hour of kickboxing burns more calories then lifting weights, jogging on a running machine , or riding a bike. If you’re from Valhalla you need to take us up on our FREE 30 Day Trial of kickboxing classes in Valhalla and come get your FREE private intro class to get started.

Kickboxing Classes in Valhalla NY Boxing Gym Valhalla NY

Kickboxing Classes in Valhalla NY | Boxing Gym Valhalla NY

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