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Kickboxing Classes in Verplanck NY | Boxing Gym Verplanck NY

Take 30 Days Free of Kickboxing Classes in Verplanck

In order to keep a workout exciting and worthwhile it’s good to switch things up.

One way the girls at Westchester Fight Club do that is through our cardio kickboxing classes. Check out our Free 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing and Boxing classes, so you can escape the mundane treadmill, start having fun, and start seeing results. We even give away a free personal intro class so you’ll have knowledge of all the basics before jumping into class. Adding kickboxing to your training routine gives it a new, dynamic twist.

Check out our Verplanck Kickboxing Program Free for 30 Days

Get your self esteem back! Not only will you look better and have more energy from being active and working out, you will also pick up basic self defense. The ways to effectively punch, kick, and knee to maximize power and speed. You don’t ever spar with another member in our Women’s Only kickboxing classes so you’ll never should worry about getting hit. Let me give you the run down of a kickboxing class at WFC.


We blast some music on the speakers and then begin our stretches. Have a high energy atmosphere in the room before we start. Then we will do some light stretching and sprint some laps around the mat or jump rope. We sweat and elevate your heart rate in order to get the most out of your body and help reduce the chances of injury.

Gloves on

Right now its time to put on our gloves and start hitting stuff. At Westchester Cardio Kickboxing we have a bag rack with 30 punching bags, so every student in class can have their own. Hammering the crap out of a bag and acting like its your compliance officer or ex is the greatest stress reducer. The trainer will show you a combo that you will work on for the whole round and try to perfect before you get out of breathe. Then after the round you’ll catch a quick breather, just enough time to teach the next round’s combo. After a few classes you will start to appear like you know how to kick some @ ss. The more you train the better you will get, new members think a couple of our women in cardio kickboxing classes are fighters, thats how good their technique has gotten.

Buddy Drills

Now we do partner drills. Its not to make you square off with your parnter, now you’ll for each other. Now you get to act like a trainer holding pads for his fighter then change off and end up being the fighter bashing the mitts. You might feel a little like a spazz at first but don’t fret, it only takes a few workouts to get your technique down, both for hitting mitts and for being a good partner and holding them. After your first or 2nd session it’ll be a breeze .

Ab Round

Your abs will already be feeling all the kicks and punches you’ve thrown. We still take time to train our ladies’ tummies and do some abdominal training. siccors, Planking, med ball throws,.

and twists help to make you feel the burn and get your tummy ready for the beach.

Almost Done!

We finish our classes with some yoga and high fives for finishing strong. In an hour of cardio Kickboxing you scorched more calories than you could jogging on a treadmill , riding a bike, or lifting weights.

Each element of our workouts will train the major muscles of the body. The combination of using the muscles in such an explosive manner tones as well as develops a stamina that can quicken the metabolism. It won’t take long to witness the benefits of this body transforming workout. If you live in Verplanck you should definitely take us up on our 30 Day Free Trial of Kickboxing Classes.

Kickboxing Classes in Verplanck NY Boxing Gym Verplanck NY

Kickboxing Classes in Verplanck NY | Boxing Gym Verplanck NY

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