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Kickboxing Classes in Ossining NY | Boxing Gym Ossining NY

Free Kickboxing Classes in Ossining

Hate going to the gym to get on a treadmill? Is it hard to motivate yourself at the gym or do you not know what to do? Then cardio-kickboxing classes at WFC are for you. It is a high-impact cardiovascular workout session that blends aspects of boxing, martial arts, and training bootcamp into a 60-minute class. Check us out for FREE with our 30 Day Trial. And to make sure you’re ready for classes we are going to give you a free 1 on 1 individual training session so you can discover the fundamentals.

Get 30 Days Absolutely free of Kickboxing Classes in Ossining

The advantages of changing your routine is well worth the new aches and pains. Get shreded and in the best shape since highschool. Those two things are what everyone would like from their workouts. You will train like a fighter without having the concern of getting hit because our Women’s Only Cardio Kickboxing Classes are non contact. So rather than fighting with other students, the only thing you will be hitting is our equipment or thai pads. I’ll walk you through a normal session at Westchester MMA.

The first 15 minutes

Dynamic Stretching for 5 mins and right into jumping rope. Jump to high energy music for three 3 minute rounds with some calisthenics between rounds. Priming your body by breaking a light sweat will help you get the most out of the rest of class.

Bag Work

Its time to hit stuff! We glove up and get ready to work. At WFC we have a bag rack with 30 bags, so everyone in class can have their own. Beating the crap out of a bag and imagining its your boss or ex is the best stress relief. The coach will show you a combination that you will work on for the entire round and try to get it right before you get out of breathe. Then after the round you’ll catch a quick breather, just long enough to teach you the next round’s combo. After a few classes you will begin to look like you know what you are doing. You will probably seem a bit uncoordinated and off base in the first class, regardless of your fitness level. Since the difficult combos will be different for your muscles, not just your brain. Though the routines usually are relatively basic combos, when all is said and done, it is a technique that improves with practice. Plan to give yourself 3 or 4 sessions before you feel comfortable with the moves. Many routines blend the same general moves in a different order or portion of the combination.

Partner Up

When we finish on the heavy bags we switch it up and have you pair up with another student in class. Now we perform partner exercises with one partner holding pads while the other is pounding away on them and bobbing and weaving in between. Brand-new kickboxers will have simpler combos while our students that have been with us longer have more advanced combos. Don’t think that holding pads is a break, in your first workout you will see very quick that holding pads is almost as tough as hitting them.

Ab Round

The core of your body, that includes the abs and lower back muscles, will get an unintentional work out just by performing the punching and kicking . Now we do some abdominal work. planks, siccors, and russian twists, all fun stuff. Building the core will assist your movements get better, develop your strength and endurance, and it will start to show your six pack abs.

Cool Down

Good job, you made it through your first class. Props for pushing it and making it through. a full class of kickboxing burns more calories then lifting weights, running on a running machine , or riding a bike. If you’re from Ossining you need to take us up on our FREE 30 Day Trial of kickboxing classes in Ossining and come get your FREE private welcoming lesson to get started.

Kickboxing Classes in Ossining NY Boxing Gym Ossining NY

Kickboxing Classes in Ossining NY | Boxing Gym Ossining NY

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