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Kickboxing Classes in South Salem NY | Boxing Gym South Salem NY

Receive 30 Days Free of Kickboxing Classes in South Salem

In order to keep a workout exciting and worthwhile it’s good to mix things up.

Our cardio kickboxing class is one of our most sought-after classes at Westchester Fight Club. Check out our Free 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing and Boxing classes, so you can leave the incredibly dull treadmill, start having fun, and start seeing results. You’ll get a free one on one instructional session just for coming in! Adding kickboxing to your training routine gives it a new, dynamic twist.

Check out our South Salem Kickboxing Program Free for 30 Days

Take your self confidence back! You’ll be taught how to defend yourself all while dropping body fat and getting in incredible shape. Our teachers are all fighters and they will teach you effective technique to get the most power and speed out of your kicks and punches. You never fight with another student in our Women’s Only kickboxing classes so you’ll never have to think about getting hit. Let me give you the run down of a kickboxing class at WFC.


We start off class with 5 mins of dynamic stretching and afterwards jump rope. 3 3 min rounds of jump rope and in-between rounds we do some calisthenics and pushups. By starting off with fifteen minutes of stretching and warm-up movements you will get more from your body for the next 45 mins of class.

Working on the Punching Bags

Now its time to punch stuff! We glove up and get ready to go. At Westchester Fight Club we have a bag area with 30 boxing bags, so everyone in class can have their own. Boxing is a great stress reliever. There’s nothing better then winding up and punching a punching bag as hard as you can and turning life’s issues on the back burner for the 60 minutes of class. The instructor will give you a combination that you’ll practice for the whole round and attempt to get it right before you get too tired. Then after the round you’ll catch a quick breather, just enough time to show you the next round’s combo. After a few classes you’ll begin to appear like you know what you are doing. You’ll most likely feel a little uncoordinated and off balance in the first workout, no matter what your fitness level. Since the demanding moves will be different for your body, not just your brain. Though the combos usually are made up of fairly basic combos, when all is said and done, it is a routine that gets better with practice. Plan to give your body 3 or 4 sessions before you feel like you know the movements. Most workouts blend the same standard techniques in a different order or part of the combo.

Buddy Drills

Now we do partner drills. Its not to make you square off with one another, now will hold mitts for each other. Now you get to imitate a trainer holding pads for their fighter then switch off and become the fighter hitting the mitts. Don’t get discouraged either, just like it takes a few classes to feel balanced and smooth striking the mitts and punching bags, the same thing can be said for learning to hold pads. By your next or 3rd kickboxing class it will be a no-brainer for you.

Time for Abs

Your abs will already be feeling all the kicks and punches you have thrown. We still make time to train our ladies’ tummies and do some abdominal work. To get our girls ready for bikini season we’ll do all different ab work to help you get back in that bikini.

Last part of class we will have each member grab a set of weights and do shoulder, arms, and lower body movements. Now its time to finish strong and push through class is almost done. Adding weight training into the regimen is what is going to make the difference when it comes to getting tight curves. Beating the piss out of the heavy bag and holding pads already have your arms burnt out but there is no whining now if you want tight and defined shoulders, back, and arms.

Cool Down

We finish our training with some stretching and high fives for for finishing your first class. In an hour of kickboxing you burned more calories than you could jogging on a treadmill machine , stationary bike, or lifting weights.

You just finished an intense full body workout that will have your body changing faster than any typical workout. If you live in South Salem you should definitely take us up on our 30 Day Free Trial of Kickboxing Classes.

Kickboxing Classes in South Salem Boxing Gym South Salem NY

Kickboxing Classes in South Salem NY | Boxing Gym South Salem NY

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