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Kickboxing Classes in Chappaqua NY | Boxing Gym Chappaqua NY

Get 30 Days Absolutely free of Kickboxing Classes in Chappaqua

Can you not stand driving to the gym to get on a treadmill? Is it hard to motivate yourself at the gym or do you not know what to do? Then cardio-kickboxing classes at WFC are for you. Our 1 hour session takes a conditioning bootcamp class and combines in elements of boxing and MMA. We have a limited time FREE 30 Day Trial in our kickboxing program. You’ll even receive a free 1 on 1 private intro class to get you prepared for classes.

Take 30 Days Free of Kickboxing Classes in Chappaqua

The benefits of changing your routine is worth the new aches and pains. Kickboxing will transform your workout and result in body toning and an increasing in cardio endurance. Those two things are what every person would like from their workouts. Our classes are all non contact so you can practice exactly like a fighter without ever having to worry that clients in your office will think you’re beaten at home. The only thing you’ll be punching is a bag or focus mitts. Lets break down our 1 hour kickboxing class at Westchester Fight Club.

Warm up and Stretching

We blast some beats on the speakers and then begin our warmup. We need to get the mood and energy level up to start. Which ever the instructor goes with that day much like the tunes, we will warm up with some stretching, jogging, or jump rope. We perspire and elevate your heart rate to get the most out of your training and help prevent injury.

Gloves on

Its time to punch stuff! We glove up and get ready to go. Our bag rack holds 30 punching bags, this isn’t a taebo class, you want to feel your fist move something when you throw a blow. Punching is the best stress reliever. There’s nothing more soothing then winding up and punching a heavy bag as hard as you can and turning life’s drama on mute for the hour of class. We aren’t just hitting the bag aimlessly, the teacher will take you through many combos working with punches, knees, and kicks. You’ll most likely seem a little uncoordinated and off balance in the first class, regardless of your fitness level. Since the difficult combos will be different for your muscles, not just your brain. Though the combinations usually are made up of pretty basic combinations, when all is said and done, it is a routine that gets better with time. Plan to give yourself 3 or 4 classes before you feel like you know the moves. Most workouts mix the same general techniques in a different order or portion of the combination.

Pad work

At this point we have the class split up. Don’t worry you are not attacking each other but you will hold pads or focus mitts for each other. Now you get to pretend to be a trainer holding mitts for their fighter then switch off and become the fighter hitting the mitts. You might feel a little a little bit like a newb but don’t stress, it only takes a few classes to get your technique down, both for striking thai pads and for being a good partner and holding them. By your next or third class it will be a no-brainer for you.

Gut buster time

Your abs will already be feeling all the kicks and punches you’ve thrown. In our workouts we still take the time to isolate our core and do some ab movements. Sit ups, side planks, medicine ball slams,.

and twists help to make you feel the burn and get your tummy toned for the beach.

Now its time to pick up some weight. Time to finish strong and push it class is almost over. Adding weight lifting into the training is what is going to make all the difference when it comes to getting tight curves. Punching will help tone your arms but then after a few rounds on the boxing bag grabbing a pair of dumbbells and weight training with the class will help you get the firm and toned arms you’re looking for.

Almost there.

Congratulations, you dominated it and finished your very first class.

You just did an intense full body workout that will have your body build muscle faster than any traditional workout. If you live in Chappaqua you should definitely take us up on our 30 Day Free Trial of Kickboxing Classes.

Kickboxing Classes in Chappaqua NY Boxing Gym Chappaqua NY

Kickboxing Classes in Chappaqua NY | Boxing Gym Chappaqua NY

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